fits like a...

not much wiggle room

9:53:30 Jon: Yeah I should probably just get another waterfield - how snug is the just regular sleevecase in the horizontal direction on the 15 PB?
9:53:47 Me: you can feel it slide in.
9:54:06 Jon: well that is a nice quality HAHA
9:54:54 wustlmike: figured you'd like that oblique description.
9:55:01 Jon: haha uh-huh
9:55:09 Jon: But i mean on top and bottom : P
9:57:09 wustlmike: I can take some pictures if you like..
9:57:18 Jon: Hmmm if you would
9:57:22 wustlmike: it's a very good fit. I mean it's designed to fit it exactly
9:57:26 Jon: Yeah
9:57:28 Jon: Well
9:57:34 wustlmike: alright in a little bit.
9:57:36 Jon: See on my vert there is some play in the top.
9:57:45 Jon: No big rush, I just need it to ship before nl
9:58:10 wustlmike: you could stick a finger in the top flap loop.. maybe two
9:58:55 Jon: But it stays at that does not try and accommodate anything bigger?
9:59:36 Jon: See mine is a little looser definitely two if not three.
9:59:42 Jon: and that is just sitting in there.

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