the bag was very full: and we’re gone half the week

  • pepper jelly
  • tomato sauce for the freezer
  • blueberries for the freezer
  • vanilla plum galette
  • rotis with a potato curry; green goddess sauce
  • ciabatta with sautéed beet greens
  • quiche / tart of some kind with squash, kale, bacon
  • some lunch dal


A very tasty week indeed

Summery Goodness
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Colorful and delicious

  • Caramel peach grunt
  • zucchini cake/muffin type thing
  • calzones with peppers, onions, rocket, and tomato
  • cauliflower gratin
  • texmex salad with corn, tomatoes, sourcream lime dressing
  • brussery, some dal
  • hummus


my counter is full of summer

  • Zucchini risotto, salad with fennel, blueberry, and sungold tomatoes.
  • jerk lamb-beef burgers, grilled corn, tzatziki
  • peppers stuffed with my favorite tamal filling (plus rice)
  • cabbage and potato with fennel and chiles [660]
  • pesto with all the basil (most or all to freeze)
  • chinese noodle with cabbage and scallion, black bean sauce
  • peach frozen yogurt
  • apple dessert? (apple-black currant brown betty; maple-apple cake)
  • lunch: gujarati-style black and yellow chickpeas [660] (also has black lentils and kidney beans and tomato)